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New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic Analysis is a psychotherapy committed to the premise that problems of the mind are revealed and expressed in the body. Since 1956, The New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (NYSBA) has helped people achieve healing and emotional wellness through active mind/body psychotherapy.

Bioenergetic Analysis Articles

Containment, Holding, and Receptivity: Somatopsychic Challenges
This paper is about some of those principles in the organization of the psychotherapeutic space. These are central, basic principles, which are necessary for the space to work as intended. A perspective derived from principles of Bioenergetic Analysis is shown to be useful in elaborating the dynamics of the space. This paper is also about the challenges posed by the requirement to establish an environment based on these principles. This construction demands a great deal from therapists. At the end of the paper I will propose that facing these challenges and the work to meet them offers a model for psychotherapy and also for relationships more broadly. Read More (PDF)

Modern Bioenergetics: An Integrative Approach to Psychotherapy
Strong Affect, Deep Bodywork - Psychic and Interpersonal Dynamics
Psychotherapy, as it is practiced today and for the last 100 years, is a medium of transformation. Individuals come to psychotherapy seeking to manage and, if possible, to heal their pain and suffering, hoping to find understanding of and refuge from inner torment, grief, confusion and conflict. The revolutionary core of psychotherapy is in its fundamental technique and goal of self-awareness. Read More (PDF)

When you have no words for your feelings... we invite you to surrender to the spirit of your body and the body of your spirit... to embrace your true self.
-Robert Lewis, M.D.

You are your body.
-Alexander Lowen, M.D.