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About Bioenergetic Psychotherapy

Bioenergetic Analysis is a psychotherapy committed to the premise that problems of the mind are revealed and expressed in the body. Since 1956, The New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (NYSBA) has helped people achieve healing and emotional wellness through active mind/body psychotherapy.

Alexander Lowen, MD, who founded Bioenergetics, believed that emotional problems in living should be understood and addressed through a combination of in-depth talk and a deep exploration of the language of the body — that is, how we breathe, move and express ourselves physically. Modern Bioenergetic therapists understand that blocks to emotional expression and wellness can be seen and worked with in the body. Recent findings in neuroscience have substantiated the importance of working with the body in psychotherapy. Bioenergetic Analysis is unique and dedicated to emotional growth, aliveness, pleasure, love, autonomy and a rich connection to others and the world.

What to Expect in Bioenergetic Therapy

Bioenergetic Therapy is both verbal and physical. The verbal work consists of an exploration of an individual's past, dreams, associations and current issues. Work with the body gives people a chance to become aware of their emotional issues on a tangible body level to facilitate change.

Bioenergetic therapy works with the whole person by addressing conflicts cognitively, emotionally and physically. Individuals gain greater awareness of old patterns of action and reaction, increased capacity to tolerate and resolve conflict or trauma and enhanced ability to experience pleasure.

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