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Bodywork refers to the physical component of Bioenergetic Therapy which takes place in individual sessions, Bioenergetic Movement Groups, workshops, training and clinical seminars. The purpose of bodywork is to increase self-awareness and to create change.

Evocative Physical Interventions

Bodywork is a way that Bioenergetic Therapists physically intervene with patients. Physical interventions can involve postural changes, deepening breathing, and expressive movements as well as various forms of touch including the application of pressure to tightly contracted muscles or touch to guide or comfort. All physical work is an integral part of this unique active psychotherapy and all Certified Bioenergetic Therapists have extensive training in the application of these interventions. Physical interventions evoke impulses, feelings, memories, insight, and dreams. Evocative Physical Interventions set Bioenergetic Therapy apart from conventional therapy, providing patients with effective tools to enhance the therapeutic process and mobilize change.


To breathe deeply is to be fully alive. Breathing is intimately connected to our emotional states. Since we suppress emotion by holding our breath and tensing our muscles, we find that with every emotional conflict there is a limitation in one's breathing. Chronic muscular tension, caused by unresolved emotional conflicts inhibits full and free breathing. Bioenergetic therapists work to mobilize the chronic tension that inhibits free breathing. Deepening one's breathing releases held emotions and memories. Freeing these emotions and memories makes change possible.


Grounding means having your feet on the ground and standing on your own two feet. Being ungrounded means being a pushover, having your head in the clouds, being weak-kneed or being hung up. A primary goal in Bioenergetic therapy is to become more grounded in oneself and in one's relationships with others. Being grounded allows us to realistically move into life and to strive for what we desire.