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NYSBA Events in NYC

NYSBA features several types of events intended for all audiences. Read about them below to help you determine which category your best fit.

Clinical Seminars

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For the past several years, the New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (NYSBA) has been sponsoring evening clinical seminars. These events are a forum for psychotherapists to come together and expand our understanding of the relationship between somatic and psychic processes with the ultimate goal of helping us ameliorate the suffering of those individuals who enter our offices seeking help. As a group, NYSBA has been interested in publicizing our unique and sophisticated method of mind/body psychotherapy. The vision of past seminars has also been dedicated to creating a true dialogue with other somatic practitioners who are working with other mind/body modalities.

The seminars have run the gamut from experiential workshops to strictly theoretical presentations. Although the clinical seminars are geared toward mental health professionals, we welcome interested clients, body workers and other health care professionals.

For further information please contact Dr. Scott Baum at, 212-665-3908.

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Professional Workshops

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The New York Society's Professional Workshops are open to mental health professionals who have some experience with body-oriented psychotherapy and for those interested in training in Bioenergetic Analysis.
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Experiential Workshops

experiential learning workshop

The New York Society's Experiential Workshops, Learning the Language of the Body, are for people seeking to experience body-oriented therapy as well as for professionals interested in learning about working with the body in psychotherapy. These one-day workshops are typically co-led by two highly experienced Certified Bioenergetic Therapists. Participants in these small group workshops will have the opportunity to explore their own personal issues through a Bioenergetic approach in a supportive and safe environment. Workshops include Bioenergetic exercises as well as individual therapy sessions within the group setting for those who want to explore themselves at a deeper level.
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Bioenergetic Movement Groups

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Work with the body addresses breathing and chronic muscular tension through a variety of movements, positions, and exercises. Bioenergetic Exercises facilitate change on a deep body level, increasing one's ability to experience pleasure and contactfulness in living--feeling connected to oneself, to others, and to one's surroundings.
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